Kris Fancsali
(828) 301-7517

– Full Sail University, August 2009
Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation

– Maya
– 3DS Max
– Zbrush
– Xnormal
– CrazyBump
– Unreal Editor
– Unity
– Adobe Photoshop
– After Effects


Dark Rift Entertainment                         Irvine, CA
Character Artist                                2016-Present
Embers of War – Modeling, Texturing

FireForge                                    Mission Viejo, CA
Character Artist                                2014-2016
Ghostbusters 2016 (Activision) – Modeling, Texturing
Unannounced Title – Modeling, Texturing

The Ant Farm                                    Los Angeles, CA
Character Artist                                2013
Call of Duty:Ghost – Modeling, Texturing

Logan Games                                    Los Angeles, CA
Character Artist                                2013
Republique – Modeling, Texturing
NFL Commercial – Modeling, Texturing
Sony Second Son Advertising Campaign – Texturing
Microsoft Xbox One – Modeling

Big Machine                                       Los Angeles, CA
Modeler                                             2012-2013
Discovery Channel’s Property Wars – Modeling, Texturing, Compositing
History Channel’s Vikings Gieco – Modeling

The Ant Farm                                    Los Angeles, CA
Character Artist                                2012
Skylanders – Texturing
Angry Birds Trilogy – Modeling, Texturing

PIC Agency                                        Los Angeles, CA
Zbrush Artist                                     2012
G.I. Joe Retaliation – Zbrush Sculpting

COPA                                                Los Angeles, CA
Character Artist                                2011
David Guette, Turn Me On – Modeling

Syndrome Studio                              Los Angeles, CA
3D Artist                                           2011
MTV Movie Awards – Modeling, Texturing
MGM Grand – Modeling
Emmys – Modeling, Shading, Lighting
Lifetime’s Russian Dolls – Modeling, Texturing
NBC’s The Firm – Modeling, Shading

USA MMO                                          Fort Lauderdale, FL
Character/Environment Artist           2009 – 2011
Unannounced MMO – Modeling, Texturing